First Class Design for Protection of the Environment


• RATE’s Technology Licensing with full Performance guarantees

• Emission Control - Reduce emissions for existing units to comply with new
  environmental regulations

• Energy Optimization throughout the units

• Feasibility Studies and consulting for new units, technology selection, and
  existing units (expansion or Revamps)

• Evaluation of existing units for improvement of operation

• Capacity increase or decrease

• Technology evaluation and recommendation

• Evaluation for Crude change and impact on existing units

• Evaluation of the existing equipment & performance

• Detailed Recommendation for modification by providing new documents or
  updating originals

• Safety procedures, trouble shooting for common problems

• Expected maintenance requirements of equipment or materials or orientation
  and design

• Represent End user or the owner by monitoring and reviewing the contractors

• Training, Start-up and Troubleshooting support




RATE is growing internationally. In addition to offering Licensed in Total Sulphur Management Technologies, RATE, in conjunction with a number of worldwide EPC Partners and equipment fabricators, provides full technical support to FEED and Detailed Design’s Contractors. RATE is able to offer FEED and Detailed Design and Modular Packages for various units according to western codes, standards and practices. RATE offers its own patented technologies with performance guarantees.

RATE is continuing to push the boundaries in Sulphur Technology to achieve ZERO EMISSIONS by implementing our extensive experience in sour gas field development, early production facilities, FPSO, shale gas, associated gas, heavy oil upgraders, natural gas processing, gas plants, power plants, gasification, coke oven gas, mining and refineries and gas plants. We offer Total Sulphur Management in the Upstream (offshore & onshore), Downstream, Power & Gasification, and Mining & Minerals Sectors Please contact RATE at Sulfur Technology.