Rameshni & Associates Technology & Engineering (RATE) has the unrivalled ability to address all sulphur removal and handling issues across all industry sectors by using RATE patented technologies, RATE catalysts developments and advanced SRU catalysts that are produced by our catalysts manufacturer partner.

R1 SMAX-Selective Oxidation of H2S to element sulphur 2.5/3.2
R2 SMAXB-Selective Reduction of SO2 to element sulphur 3-5
R3 Alumina based Claus catalyst, large surface area, large pore volume 3-5, 4-6
R4 Promoted alumina Claus catalyst, improved COS/CS2 hydrolysis 3-5, 4-6
R5/6 Titania based Claus catalyst, very high COS/CS2 hydrolysis rate 3-4, E, T
R7 Promoted alumina catalyst, works as oxygen scavenger 3-5, 4-6
R8 TGTU, maximize total sulphur conversion to 99.5% 2-4, 4-6
R9 TGTU, maximize total sulphur conversion to 99.5% 1.6, 2.5, 3.2
R10 Low Pressure drop TGTU maximize total sulphur conversion to 99.5% 4.8
R11 Lower temperature TGTU, higher sulphur conversion rate 2-4, 4-6
R12 Lower temperature TGTU, higher sulphur conversion rate 1.6, 2.5, 3.2
R13 Low Pressure drop, Lower temperature TGTU, higher sulphur conversion 4.8
R14 Adsorbent, for low level H2S removal, Shale gas, Syn Gas 4


Technologies like RATE SMAX and SMAXB consists of 3 or 4 stages Claus unit and using SMAX-100, SMAXB-100 proprietary and patented catalysts can achieve up to 99.5% sulphur recovery without any tail gas treating unit. These are direct reduction and direct oxidation catalysts.

If caustic scrubbing or SETR technology is added after the incineration, Zero SO2 emission can be achieved. The technology licensing and the catalysts are offered together for any grass roots or revamp of the existing SRU.

The Claus units require alumina, titanium, promoted alumina and oxygen scavenger and RATE tail gas treating units require conventional COMO, low temperature, low pressure drop hydrogenation catalysts, all are offered by RATE directly.

Adsorbent is a cost-effective non-hazardous iron hydroxide based adsorbent specifically designed for removal of H2S and mercaptans from CO2, natural gas, biogas, shale gas production, and other gasses for total sulphur control. It is comprised of a high porosity mixed iron oxide form.




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