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First Class Design for Protection of the Environment.


Rameshni & Associates Technology & Engineering (RATE) offers Engineering Services for all new units or existing units.
RATE provides PDP (Process Design Package) or BEDP (Basic Engineering Design Package) for all licensed technologies.
RATE provides PDP (Process Design Package) or BEDP (Basic Engineering Design Package) for all non-licensed technologies.
RATE provides PDP (Process Design Package) or BEDP (Basic Engineering Design Package) for the following tasks.

  • New units with technology selection
  • Existing units (expansion or Revamps), adding new equipment
  • Improvement of operation
  • Technology developments and improvements
  • Capacity increase or decrease and necessary modifications
  • Emission Control – Reduce emissions in existing units to comply with new environmental regulations with suitable modifications
  • Energy Optimization and Energy Recovery throughout the units
  • Technology evaluation and recommendations
  • Evaluation for Crude change and impact on existing units
  • Evaluation of the existing equipment & performance
  • Evaluation of Re-using existing equipment in different service
  • Technology Commercialization
  • Flare Gas Recovery Monetizing
  • Two stage SWS with zero H2S to Incineration
  • Acid Gas Removal (H2S, CO2, mercaptan, etc.), Sale Gas with dehydration
  • Oil and Gas Separation and Compression, stabilization and condensate recovery
  • HC Dew Point and JT, mechanical refrigeration & Turbo Expander
  • LPG Recovery (De-methanizer, De-ethanizer, etc.)
  • NGL Recovery
  • CO2 Liquefaction with external or internal refrigeration system
  • Oximer, Mercaptan Removal gas and liquid with catalyst to regenerative caustic
  • Membrane Technologies for H2S, CO2 H2, Removal
  • Fuel Gas Treatment using special hydrotreater catalyst
  • Sulphur recovery grass roots and revamps

Design new SRU’s, TGTU, amine unit, sour water stripper, LPG recovery, dehydration, HC dew point, sulphur degassing, oil as gas separation, stabilizer.
Design revamps for the capacity expansions and meets new environmental regulations,

  • SRU expansion with up to 100% oxygen enrichment
  • Amine unit, TGTU, gas processing expansion with selective solvents, higher internal performance
  • SWS from non-phenolic to phenolic water processing, from one stage SWS to two stage SWS
  • Incineration system from natural draft to forced draft incineration with heat recovery
  • Adding caustic or SETR after the incineration
  • Adding sulphur degassing to sulphur pit
From 3 Tons /d to 2500 Tons / day Sub Dew Point Process & Caustic Scrubber
Rich H2S gas up to 100% Ammonia, heavy hydrocarbons, BTEX, and Cyanide Destruction
Lean H2S gas under 20% Staged Oxygen Enrichment up to 100 % Oxygen
Ammonia up to 35% with air, above 35% with oxygen enrichment Alumina based Claus catalyst, large surface area, large pore volume
Tail gas Treating from 3 Tons per day to 2500 Tons per day Natural Draft, Forced Draft, low NOx, Ultra low NOx, Staged NOx Burners, CO Control, Ammonia burning Incinerations
Generic or proprietary commercial solvents SO2 Reduction to Liquid Sulphur
Recoveries from 98.5% up to 99.99+ %
Modified Claus with Advanced Control System
From 20 MMSCFD to 4000 MMSCFD Gathering System
Meet Pipeline Product Specifications and Environmental Regulations Inlet headers & Separators
Generic or Proprietary Solvents & Polishing Units Inlet Gas Compressors
H2S up to 50% Amine Unit Sweetening
CO2 up to 95% Acid gas Enrichment
COS, CS2, mercaptans, solids and BTEX Removal Treated Gas Dehydration
Mercury Removal Hydrocarbon Dew Point
Elemental Sulphur Removal Sulphur Technology & Tail Gas Treating
NGL Fractionation & LPG Recovery LPG recovery
Sulphur Degassing and Granulations
Mercaptan Removal