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First Class Design for Protection of the Environment

Publications and Seminars

RATE Brochure

RATE Solvent Brochure

RATE Catalyst brochure

Impurities Removal Options in Sour Gas Field Developments

Off-the-Shelf SRU Designs

Oxygen Enrichment Advantages in SRUs

Sour Gas Field Development Stragies

Thermal Combustion Stage Design Criteria in SRUs

Caustic Scrubber and Sulphuric Acid Tail Gas Options

Integrated Sulphur Recovery Methods in Power Plants

Offshore Sulphur Deposition Mitigation

New Schemes for Challenging Feed Gas Compositions

Handlng Vent Gases in SRUs

Processing High Ammonia in SRUs

Gas Processing State-of-the-Art Design Guidelines

Carbon Capture Concepts

New Standards For So2 Emission