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First Class Design for Protection of the Environment


Rameshni & Associates Technology & Engineering (RATE) offers Licensing technologies in sulphur technologies for upstream, to midstream and downstream with full performance guarantees. RATE offers valid patented technologies that are grantedto RATE by USA Patents and Trade Mark Office.

From 3 Tons/day to 2500 Tons/day SRU and TGU in single train
SRU with TGTU to meet less than 10 ppmv of SO2 in the stack
SRU without TGTU to achieve recovery up to 99.6% and up to 99.99% with Caustic or SETR

Rich H2S gas up to 100%, recovery from 95% to 99.99+% with advanced control system

Lean gases up to 40% H2S and 500 ppmv aromatics WITH Direct Oxidation Processwith or without recycle – no burner, no furnace

Variation H2S Concentration design with SRU Split Max with TGU Partial acid gas enrichment

Rich H2S and SWS gases Direct Oxidation technology, S-MAX
Rich H2S and SWS gases direct Reduction and Oxidation technology, S-MAXB

S-Max Plus –SMAX or SMAXB with caustic scrubbing or SETR system
Sub Dew Point process with internal heating and cooling system, SuperSulf

SuperSulf Plus – SuperSulf with TGTU, caustic scrubbing or SETR system

SO2 reduction to sulphur with RSR 2nd Generation, RTR 1, RTR 2technologies

SRU Oxygen Enrichment up to 100 % Oxygen Enrichment

SRU Revamp for capacity expansion, reduce emission, increase recovery

High Ammonia burning with air or oxygen in SRU and staged incineration

Ammonia, heavy hydrocarbons, BTEX, and Cyanide Destruction in SRU

Gasification-MAX for syngas, coal to chemicals, IGCC
COKE-MAX Coke Oven Gas

Any type of the tail gas treating unit is added after SRU’s

Any type of the tail gas incineration unit is added after SRU’s

Tail gas incineration with or without heat recovery

Tail Gas incineration with Caustic scrubbing or SETR Technology