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First Class Design for Protection of the Environment


Rameshni & Associates Technology & Engineering (RATE) offers Licensing technologies in sulphur technologies for upstream, to midstream and downstream with full performance guarantees. RATE offers valid patented technologies that are grantedto RATE by USA Patents and Trade Mark Office.
The oxygen enrichment into the sulphur recovery can be applied in 3 different levels as low level, mid-level and high level of oxygen depending on the applications.

1. Capacity Expansion
Oxygen Enrichment can be used in the existing SRU’s to expand the capacity; Low level enrichment offers a capacity increase of up to 25%, Medium level enrichment offers a capacity increase of up to 100%, High level enrichment offers a capacity increase of up to 250%.

2. SRU’s with Lean Acid Gas
Oxygen enrichment can be used to boost the combustion temperature in the reaction furnace to improve the hydrocarbon, mercaptans destruction generally in the gas plants

3. SRU’s with very high ammonia contents
Oxygen enrichment can be used to assure full ammonia destruction where ammonia content are more than 25% or higher in total acid gases. RATE has designed sulphur recovery where the total acid gases to the SRU contain near 40% ammonia and successfully in operation.

4. Reduce CO2 emission
The sulphur recovery and the incineration can be converted to oxygen enrichment from air operation to reduce CO2 in the stack

5. Improve SRU’s Recovery and reduce SO2 emission
Destruction of ammonia, Cyanide, heavy HC & BTEX, & mercaptans can improve overall sulphur recovery.

6. SRU’s in Gasification and Syngas
The sulphur recovery for this application is usually designed with 100% oxygen enrichment followed by the tail gas hydrogenation section. The quench overhead is recycled to Rectisol or Selexol unit upstream of the SRU’s where the CO2 is captured and the amine section of the tail gas is eliminated.

7. Oxygen Enrichment feature as spare capacity in new unit
Include oxygen enrichment features in new units to have spare capacity when one of the SRU is down and also have the feature for future additional capacity. The oxygen enrichment shall be based on required additional capacity, when one train of the SRU is down. In most cases under 40% oxygen enrichment is required to have spare capacity.

8. Grass root SRU’s design using oxygen enrichment
The grass root SRU’s can be designed for different level of oxygen enrichment which will be resulting smaller equipment, smaller plot space and smaller capital cost investment.