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Rameshni & Associates Technology & Engineering (RATE) has the unrivalled ability to address all sulphur removal and handling issues across all industry sectors including gasification in power plants.
FUTURE. RATE has recently patented a new process for integrating sulphur recovery methods in power plants titled as INTEGRATED SULPHUR RECOVERY METHODS IN POWER PLANTS. The new innovation has superior advantages in the operating and the capital cost saving over the conventional methods with less process units, and less equipment. The acid gas removal is eliminated, instead SO2 recovery takes place for both acid gas removal and tail gas treating. In addition the new technology is integrated with the carbon capture and CO2 removal.

Gasification of coal and other heavy feedstocks will become a larger scale source of Claus sulphur in future. Gasification is currently playing an important role in meeting energy needs in the U.S. and around the world. Typical raw materials for gasification include coal, petroleum based materials (crude oil, high-sulphur fuel oil, petroleum coke, and other refinery residuals), gases, or materials that would otherwise be disposed of as waste. The feedstock is fed to the gasifier with steam and oxygen at high temperature and pressure in a reducing (oxygen-deprived) atmosphere to generate the syngas. Now, driven market an increasing power and chemicals, which necessitate removal of sulphur from SYNGAS prior to chemicals and power production. The main route from coal to chemicals is to fertilizer, coal to liquid, carbon capture and power generation and several others. RATE offers full performance guarantees for the offered technologies. Please contact RATE at to obtain more information on technology offering, experience and request for proposal.


Acid Gas Removal

  • MDEA
  • Rectisol
  • Selexol
  • SO2 Recovery with Chemical or Physical SO2 Solvent
  • CO2 Recovery and Carbon Capture
  • Mercury and NOx Removal

Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas Treating Systems

  • 100% Oxygen Enrichment Claus
  • Direct Oxidation Claus
  • Conventional Tail Gas Treating with or without tail gas amine portion
  • Un-Conventional Tail Gas Treating such as Caustic Scrubber
  • Recycle Quench OVHD to Selexol or Rectisol
  • New Innovation – Replace Acid gas removal and tail gas treating with SO2
  • COS Hydrolysis Reactor for lean gases such as Coal to Chemicals application
  • CO2 Recovery and Carbon Capture as part of SO2 Recovery
  • Sulphur Degassing and forming