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First Class Design for Protection of the Environment


Reports from industry indicate the detrimental presence of Elemental Sulfur Deposition (ESD) in locations where changes in temperature and pressure occur, such as pipelines, regulators, flow meters, filter housings, pilot operated pressure safety valves, and downstream process equipment.

Although sulfur is yellow, these deposits are sometimes grey colored due to the presence of other contaminants. The deposition of elemental sulfur can cause problems similar to fine solids being present in the natural gas by plugging small openings, which make control systems inoperable or cause mal-operation. The pressure and the temperature at wellhead platform shall be monitered.

Recoverable Solvents – Mineral Oil Solvents

  • Disposal Solvents – DMDS, DADS
  • CS2 Solvent
  • Heavy Hydrocarbon Solvents
  • Refining Crude Oil Solvents
  • Water wash scrubber & settling storage tank
  • Large Slug catchers and more residence time
  • Filter separation with special media