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Performance Test & Trouble shooting.

Rameshni & Associates Technology & Engineering (RATE) offers Licensing technologies in sulphur technologies and tail gas treating for upstream, to midstream and downstream, oil and gas business, mining and smelters, and gasification with full performance guarantees.

Perform Services
RATE performs the following activities as a minimum.
• Operator Training Program
• Pre-commissioning, startup, and
• Attending performance testing service

Performance Test

A performance test is usually carried out after the construction or retrofit of a plant. It verifies that the plant can achieve its guaranteed parameters and function as intended.

Performance testing is a non-functional software testing technique that determines how the stability, speed, scalability, and responsiveness of an application hold up under a given workload. Completing a plant’s start-up and commissioning usually means pushing the prime contractor to wrap up the remaining punch list items and getting the new operators trained. Staffers are tired of the long hours they’ve put in and are looking forward to settling into a work routine.
Just when the job site is beginning to look like an operating plant, a group of engineers arrives with laptops in hand, commandeers the only spare desk in the control room, and begins to unpack boxes of precision instruments. In a fit of controlled confusion, the engineers install the instruments, find primary flow elements, and make the required connections. Wires are dragged back to the control room and terminated at a row of neatly arranged laptops. When the test begins, the test engineers stare at their monitors.

The type and extent of plant performance testing activities are typically driven by the project specifications or the turnkey contract. They also usually are linked to a key progress payment milestone, although the value of the tests goes well beyond legalese. The typical test is designed to verify critical guarantees that are pegged to an agreed-upon set of operating conditions. Sounds simple, right? But the behind-the-scenes work to prepare for a test on which perhaps millions of dollars are at stake beyond the contract guarantees almost certainly exceeds your expectations.
Tests are normally conducted at full-load operation for a predetermined period of time. The test team collects the necessary data and runs them through the facility correction model to obtain preliminary results. Usually, within a day, a preliminary test report or letter is generated to allow the owner to declare “substantial completion” and commence commercial operation. The results for fuel sample analysis (and/or ash samples) are usually available within a couple of weeks, allowing the final customer report to be finished and submitted.
The art and science of performance testing require very specialized expertise and experience that take years to develop. The science of crunching data is defined by industry standards, but the art rests in the ability to spot data inconsistencies, subtle instrument errors, skewed control systems, and operational miscues. The experienced tester can also quickly determine how the plant must be configured for the tests and can answer questions such as Will the steam turbine be in pressure control or at valves wide open in sliding-pressure mode? What control loops will need to be manual or automatic during testing? and At what level should the boiler or duct burners be fired?
The performance test will be carried by the third party, which will be agreed upon between RATE and THE CLIENT and RATE will support the efforts as required and will attend during the test as a witness, then the report will be reviewed and additional information will be provided as necessary.

Continuing Support


Troubleshooting in most cases can be handled by phone calls and faxes. If necessary, specialists can be made available on an as-needed basis.
The final performance test report will be reviewed by RATE and any additional information will be provided as required.