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Pre-commissioning& Startup

Rameshni & Associates Technology & Engineering (RATE) offers Licensing technologies in sulphur technologies and tail gas treating for upstream, to midstream and downstream, oil and gas business, mining and smelters and gasification with full performance guarantees.

Perform Services

RATE performs the following activities as a minimum.

  • Operator Training Program
  • Pre-commissioning, startup, and
  • Attending performance testing service

Pre-Commissioning and Start-up Services

Before a plant or facility is handed over for normal operation, it should be inspected, checked, cleaned, flushed, verified, and tested. This process is called commissioning and involves both the contractor and operator of a facility.
A pre-commissioning checklist aims to prepare a manufacturing plant for start-up, or when all new or modified systems are going live. Use this checklist to easily inspect control systems, wiring, sensors, field control devices, and the site communications network. Identify non-compliance, address systemic issues, and lessen start-up problems with the pre-commissioning checklist.

Pre-commissioning Procedure

Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P& ID) Check, also known as System Check or Walk down, should be performed by the commissioning team to identify engineering and construction errors. Create a P& ID Punch List and address identified issues before pre-commissioning.
Pre-commissioning activities start from mechanical completion, where running-in of equipment such as control system sequence tests (Dry Commissioning), water or solvent introduction to closed-loop pumps (Wet Commissioning), and other operating scenarios where process fluids are NOT YET used.

This equipment commissioning checklist is used for the commissioning of burners/boilers in an industrial or commercial power plant. Easily customize or build your own checklist using a project template to meet specific equipment design requirements and fulfill company needs. Each inspection item can also be set to “mandatory” to make sure that every detail about the equipment commissioning is checked.

This piping pre-commissioning checklist can be used by pipeline engineers to perform flooding spread set-up (dry commissioning), pipeline pig valve launching sequence (wet commissioning), and pipeline flooding, pigging, gauging, and chemical injection (commissioning). With proper data analytics, you can view real-time data about inspections with the most failed responses, total inspections conducted, their performance, and the unique people conducting them, and more.
A pump commissioning checklist aims to validate the operation of pumps through correct installation, proper lubrication, and simulation of instrumentation and protection devices. This pump commissioning checklist includes inspection items such as “Is the pump/engine rotating direction correctly?” and “Are oil coolers, oil pipes, and cooling water pipelines installed properly as per Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P& ID) and General Arrangement.

Pre-Commissioning and Start-up services for a period as requested have been spent in similar projects, however, RATE provides start-up assistance 24-hour-per-day seven-days-per-week, utilizing two operations specialists. In some locations, the client elects to have a reduced level of coverage. Normally, the operations specialists arrive on-site just prior to mechanical completion. They monitor and supervise catalyst loading, inspect the refractory, supervise line cleaning operations, perform leak tests, chemical cleaning of condensers and amine systems (soda ash wash), conduct functional tests of instrumentation and emergency shutdown systems, and supervise refractory dry-out of the thermal oxidizer, and the reaction furnace. When the above items are completed, the plant is (generally) ready for start-up.

A commissioning checklist is used to ensure the safety and functionality of new or modified systems in a facility. Efficiently validate the performance of HVAC, pumping, piping, and lighting systems using the comprehensive checklist.
Commissioning is a systematic process of verifying the performance of facilities, systems, and assemblies to ensure trouble-free outcomes and mitigate the risk of unplanned outages or downtime. Project managers, contractors, and construction engineers also perform pre-commissioning to confirm that equipment installation and function follow client specifications.

A commissioning checklist is used to ensure the safety and functionality of new or modified systems in a facility. Efficiently validate the performance of HVAC, pumping, piping, and lighting systems using this comprehensive checklist. This checklist includes installation checks and testing, adjusting, and balancing (TAB) items. Commissioning teams should take advantage of this mobile-ready checklist to easily perform the following:

    • Specify the project details
    • Check systems installation and operation
    • Take/attach photos of compliance, detected failures, and more
    • Assign corrective actions with a due date and priority level
    • Sign off with digital signatures and auto-generate the commissioning report

A commissioning checklist is used to easily perform comprehensive installation, functional, and operational inspections, resolve any detected failures and prevent costly project delays.