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First Class Design for Protection of the Environment


Rameshni & Associates Technology & Engineering (RATE) offers Licensing technologies in sulphur technologies and sulphur degassing and tail gas treating for upstream, to midstream and downstream with full performance guarantees. RATE offers valid patented technologies that are grantedto RATE by USA Patents and Trade Mark Office.

RATE Sulphur Degassing will achieve less than 5 ppmwt of H2S operates at low or high pressure.


Agitation promotes intimate gas/liquid contact, and also creates shear forces conducive to the mechanical breakdown of the polysulphide chains. Methods typically include pumped recirculation to sprays or mixers, tank impellors and gas sparging.

Stripping Gas

As with any stripping process, a carrier gas readily removes free H2S by partial-pressure reduction. However, oxidizing gases (usually air but also, for example, SO2 and Claus tail gas) have proven superior to inert gases such as steam or nitrogen, suggesting that polysulphide decomposition is promoted by oxidation of the H2S component. It arguably follows that a large part of the H2S is not actually stripped from solution, but oxidized to sulphur, or at least SO2 which is readily stripped

Super Degas – Internal Pit degassing with less than one hour residence time

RATE-Degas1 – Internal Pit degassing with air sparger

RATE-Degas2 – External Pit degassing with external column

RATE-Degas3 – External Pit degassing in sulphur storage tank

Smart- Degas – Independent Degassing System

Sulphur Degassing with Catalysts, Chemicals, Packing

Sulphur Pit vent destination: Incinerator, Tail Gas Unit, Sulphur Recovery Unit

Concrete Pit collection or Carbon Steel Collection vessel inside of pit
Sulphur Pit heating System with Best Available Technology

Vapor Collection and Recovery from Sulphur Pits, tanks, Granulation units and Recycle to SRU/TGU