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First Class Design for Protection of the Environment

Flare Gas Recovery Monetizing

RATE offers proprietary Solvents for H2S, CO2, and mercaptan Removal through OEM manufacturing with performance guarantees.
For grass root application, we conduct studies to offer the most economic solvent that meet the project specifications.
For revamp and modification, we normally provide the Amine Unit Process Evaluation asking the clients asking for basic information on gas analysis, flow rates and other operating parameters which is used for our simulations, and we offer the best solution to meet the new requirements and with minimum modifications.

  • CO2 / H2S Removal
  • Generic Amine / formulated Solvent
  • Physical / hybrid Solvent
  • Mercaptan Removal – Caustic Regeneration Oximer Process
  • Fuel gas goes to fuel system in refinery
  • Gas plant – vapor recovery system recycle back to amine
  • CO2 Removal
  • CO2 Liquefaction Process with 2 stage Membrane
  • Selexol / Rectisol Process with CO2 Liquefaction upstream of SRU
  • RATE Technology “DEEP CO2 REMOVAL” Bypass part of AG
  • Hybrid Solvent
  • Cansolv or equivalent Process