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First Class Design for Protection of the Environment


Rameshni & Associates Technology & Engineering (RATE) has the unrivalled ability to address all sulphur removal and handling issues across all industry sectors including offshore.. The offshore industry is growing significantly and governing the market to satisfy the various demand around the globe. The same time the new environmental regulations are become mandatory for OFFSHORE applications and FPSO while processing more sour crude.

The OFFSHORE design criteria are very different than on shore. The design of each unit has to optimized to a acceptable modular package, weight of the equipment, orientation, reliability, each of operation, less complicated control systems, utility limitation, optimization for minimum utility consumption, and handling the safety, limitation and requirements of the waste and product materials have to be taken into consideration during the design and the technology selection while meeting the new environmental regulations.

RATE has extensive experience by designing offshore applications and considering all of the OFFSHORE challenges but also have advanced proven technologies in sulphur technology and tail gas treating units by reducing the number of units, by reducing the operating and the capital costs, by reducing number of modular and the same time to meet the environmental emissions and regulations. RATE has working with various OFFSHORE companies to improve their emission and to be able to comply with the new regulations. The new regulations target of the treated crude is less than 5 ppm of H2S. RATE offers full performance guarantees for the offered technologies. Please contact RATE at to obtain more information on technology offering, experience and request for proposal.

The combined experience for RATE group is more than 100 years in Total Sulphur Management in the industry. RATE has access to premier technology providers worldwide, has experience with all major licensors and equipment suppliers and most importantly RATE has a number of new innovations.

Acid Gas Removal

  • Generic or Proprietary Solvents


  • Conventional DEG, TEG units
  • Mole Sieves
  • Glycol injection
  • HC Dew Point Control
  • Glycol with Stripping Gas

Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas Treating

  • Acid Gas Enrichment
  • Conventional Claus Sulphur Recovery
  • Direct Oxidation
  • Sub Dew Point Processes including SMARTSULF
  • Conventional Tail Gas Treating with Common Regeneration
  • Un-Conventional Tail Gas Treating Such as caustic
  • Achieve overall Sulphur recovery of above 99.9%
  • Sulphur Degassing and Forming


Sour Crude Oil Treatment (Crude Oil Sweetening)

  • Multi-Stage Separation (MSS)
  • MSS with Cold stripping
  • MSS with Hot Stripping
  • MSS with Hot Flash Stabilizer
  • MSS with Refluxed Stabilizer
  • MSS with NG Stripping Gas
  • From more than 200 ppm of H2S to less than 5 ppm of H2S